All about the See Sing Say philosophy, the why we are here,

“My songs and rhymes I create have actual meaning of what a child is experiences. This enables them to understand what is needed to be done, what is happening, what things are or how to use them. This is done by describing in greater detail than what is normally used by talking alone. I believe this way will help all to be more vocal and have a greater vocabulary whilst encouraging them to do things for themselves at the same time. People enjoy listening to music and it can make them feel happy and relaxed. This can be mentally beneficial and a useful skill to use for conversation.
To sooth a crying baby or child we often sing songs to them as it has a calming effect. It is well known that we use a different part of our brain for music and singing to talking and reading. The use of singing by more people for better communication applies not only for babies, toddlers and children but also for adults. This method is even more useful for people with learning difficulties, speech impediment or people who have had strokes. Where they need to learn to talk again. Many of these people can still sing but not talk.” — Kate Maidment